Book review: Children of blood and bone

Children of blood and bone

Tomi Adeyemi•

A definite 5🌟

Where do I even start??

The book is amazing! I honestly did not want to read it at first because I’m one of those people that feels when anything gets a lot of hype, it’s never as awesome but I couldn’t help myself. It was everywhere. I could feel it calling me. The endearing eyes of the girl with dazzling white hair luring me. I just had to get it.

The first chapter alone had me on edge. Zélie came to life in my mind and I fell in love with her. Not to mention Tzain, Amari and Inan. By the time I was at chapter 15, I was in another world. A different reality. Everything suddenly seemed magical and beautiful. Then to make everything a hundred times better, the romance I knew was there since the moment he described her eyes when she looked at him blossomed. I was all over the place, lol.

The plot is amazing. It doesn’t falter, it has a point and every line written moves forward to prove it. This book is A•M•A•Z•I•N•G!!!!

Favourite line: Just. Like. Me. When Zélie said that my heart melted. It was like he kept her together in way she had never been.

This book doesn’t only talk about how Zélie and everyone fights for freedom, the author also fights for the death of so many innocent lives taken.

If you cried for Zulaikha and Salim, cry for innocent children like Jordan Edwards, Tamir rice and Aiyana Stanley-Jones.”

In the end, we are all human. Love should be the only thing spreading like wild fire.

Patiently, not so patiently, waiting on children of virtue and vengeance


Book review: Deliver me from evil

Deliver me from evil by Alloma Gilbert. _____________________________________________This book, which is based on a true life story, is about a young girl- Alloma whose life is completely change when she’s introduced to a woman called Eunice Spry. Her once simple life is drastically change to one of constant punishments and abuse. Can she escape from the horror that has now become her life?

I really enjoyed reading this book because the writer put in a lot of effort to describe the horrible things done to her which made it quite easy to get a mental picture of it and to feel the emotions of every character.

There were some times where I felt more could have been done by the children but they were JUST children. Too innocent for all what they were going through.

Rating: 5🌟

Have you read this book?

Book review: Me before you

Me before you by Jojo Moyes


I loved every part of this book. It was really an amazing read.

The book is a about a man- Will Traynor, who has lived an wild and exciting filled with a fantastic job, many adventures and a beautiful girlfriend but that all the ends when he gets into a terrible motorcycle accident which binds to a life he would never have chosen.

And a girl- Louisa Clark, who has lived all her life in the same place, constantly being undermined by her loving parents and sister with a boyfriend whom she may or may not love. She lives a very ordinary life till she loses her job.

The loss of her job is the beginning of a whole new life for her and for Will.

It’s really a beautiful romance novel. I watched the movie before I read the book but I still felt every bit of emotion and even more.

Rating:5 out of 5